Positions available at Flow Hive

What we’re looking for:

We are on the hunt for a DIGITAL MARKETING SUPERSTAR who lives and breathes marketing in the digital space. Following our rapid start-up growth, Flow is now ready to move to the next level in the digital marketing world and we need you to help us get there.

We are also looking for a GROWTH MARKETER with optimisation instincts and an analytical mindset to optimise our channels and drive our customer growth online.

A bit about us:

Flow technology is a world first invention which has revolutionised the beekeeping industry. After one of the largest and most successful crowdfunding campaigns in history, Flow Hive has global online presence, international brand recognition, and countless possibilities for future growth and innovation. We love bees, but really, we’re about more than just this. Our team is dedicated to business for positive purpose and we strive to keep this ethos at the forefront of all of our business decisions. In 2018 we become B-corp accredited, joining other businesses in the aim to do good things for our planet.


Digital Marketing Manager

A month in the life of Flow:

  • Launched a new product (including project management of all photo and video assets, emails, social media strategy, product page copy and design … and lots more).
  • Scheduled dawn meetings to catch up with our film team working from Berlin.
  • Assessed our online ad spend and customer acquisition costings.
  • Created new customer acquisition funnels for social media.
  • Mapped the sales forecasting and budgets for the new financial year.
  • Researched and assessed a range of habitat protection organisations that we could partner with for our new impact project (and pitched your pick to the exec team).
  • Revised the customer email pre-purchase journey and created an amazing post-purchase journey.
  • Used data to gain insight into (and lead the team) in streamlining social media content creation across all channels (and added your fav shots anyway).
  • Created the most amazing spread for an event with all ingredients pollinated by bees.
  • Scripted a campaign video and then convinced your housemates to join the shoot (in exchange for honey!)
  • Joined the Flow handball team (yet to compete).

About you:

You really are a Digital Marketing Jedi

We’re looking for minimum three to five years immersed in the digital marketing space. You’re ahead of the game with the latest trends and best practices in digital marketing and measurement, and have a top-notch understanding and up-to-date view of digital advertising opportunities. You can drive online sales, acquire new customers and develop advanced acquisition funnels for each channel. You have an excellent knowledge of website analytics tools and know how to use them to build strategy. You have a solid knowledge of email marketing methodologies for e-commerce. You’re experienced in running marketing campaigns to an international audience. You’re also all over setting up and optimising advertising platforms (eg. Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Instagram). You understand that the digital space is nimble and ever-changing, and you react well to this. You’ve been a marketing manager in your past life and you understand the complexities of such a role.

You understand brands

You can immerse yourself in brands, getting to know them intimately and understand what they need. You have good taste, a sense of aesthetics, and a love for great copy and witty communication.

You’re a data nerd

You love data and get excited about using analytics to inform strategic decision making. You can build an analytical infrastructure to collect and measure all the data you can dream of. You’re numerically literate and comfortable making sense of metrics and processing figures with spreadsheets. You know how to plan and manage your budget but also when to argue for an opportunity.

You’re a friendly salesperson

Not the cheesy kind, but a sharer and a networker. You understand that good sales is about believing in your product as if you invented it yourself, and sharing it far and wide because you know it makes the world a better place.

You’re a team player

We’re a start-up which means we wear different hats when needed—which is most days. You don’t mind getting your hands dirty and you thrive on collaborating and working consistently in a team environment. You motivate others and communicate clearly, with empathy and honesty.

You’re a motivator

You like to see your team achieve and you know how to inspire and support them in getting there.

You’re a good human being

You’re curious, understanding, and strive to make yourself a better person. You actively engage in trying to make the world a better place and are seeking a job where you can do this and also grow personally and professionally at the same time.

Sounds like you and you want to know more?

Great! We have a fancy POSITION DESCRIPTION with all the nuts and bolts of the role. Have a read and if this is the role for you please complete the APPLICATION FORM and upload your CV and a cover letter.

Applications close Tuesday Sep 3rd, 2019.

Come join the hive:

This really is the kind of marketing role you won’t find anywhere else: you’ll work with a great bunch of people, have the chance to deliver products to passionate consumers, and be part of a business that is really making a difference. Our office is situated just outside of Byron Bay with an incredible view overlooking the coastline. You’ll learn all about bees, there’s complimentary honey, a swimming pool, shared lunches ... just to name a few of the perks.

Growth Marketer

About the role:

The Growth Marketer will support the Digital Marketing Manager and take a lead role in implementing our digital marketing strategy to drive growth, engagement, and optimise conversion for our business.

A month in the life of Flow:

  • We know the last month at Flow would have been better with you in it!
  • We are ready for you to jump right in, roll up your sleeves and get excited about finding out what’s been happening
  • Then you can get started optimising what’s already there and making things better to help us grow our business now
  • Of course we will also encourage you to join in learning about bees, enjoy team lunches and even the Flow handball team

About you:

Your Digital super-power is focused on growth

We’re looking for minimum three to five years immersed in the digital marketing space. You’re across all the latest trends and best practices in digital marketing and advertising opportunities.

You’ve got a proven track record of increasing business growth through digital channels and first hand experience with social media campaigns, SEO, email marketing, CRO, AB testing and more.

You focus on getting results at all stages of the user journey, use all possible digital channels to drive customer acquisition and conversion, maximise customer engagement, and constantly identify new opportunities for growth and optimisation.

You get that brands are important

You can quickly immerse yourself in a new brand, enjoy getting to know them and then respect them and understand what they need.

You love nerding out on data

You love data and get excited about using analytics. You test and measure everything, running dozens of tests at any point in time.

You’re a good human being

You actively engage in trying to make the planet a better place. You’re seeking an opportunity where you can still chase the growth targets, but do it for a company who are doing good things in the world.

You’re an expert juggler

We’re happy if you’ve got other projects on the go, as long as you have some time to dedicate to us too. This position is being offered as a contractor / freelancer role and details will be negotiated with the right candidate. Maybe you’re killing it the city – but the smell of honey on the Byron Bay breeze is calling your name. Come join us in the office for a while, or work remotely, it’s all good. As long as you’re ready to jump in and get started.

Sounds like you and you want to join the hive?

Excellent! Please complete the APPLICATION FORM and upload your CV and a cover letter.

Applications close : Tuesday 3 September 2019