How to Choose the Right Hive for You

One of the most common requests we get from aspiring beekeepers is: How do I know which Flow Hive to choose? 

This is not a simple answer, but we are more than happy to try to make your choice an easier, more informed one. 

One of the first questions you need to ask yourself is, "What extra gear do I need? or Do I need a new bee suit and smoker?" - If you are a new beekeeper then we recommend you add a Beekeeping suit Smoker to your order - (we also offer these products at reduced prices in our special BUNDLE deals).

The next question is working out what hive will be best for you?
All our full hives are a complete setup - and once build, only require the addition of bees. (If you already have bee hives and just want to try the Flow Frame system check out of Flow Supers).

Below is a comparison chart to help you narrow down your choices and hopefully help you start you on your Flow Hive beekeeping journey sooner.