Boutique and Commercial Honey Producers

Flow Hive honey: high-quality + higher sales price = better ROI

Raw, unprocessed honey is fast becoming a highly sought product.

  • Hobby farmers, sideliners, boutique producers have all realised that consumers recognise the value of local, unprocessed honey and are willing to pay for a quality product.
  • Meanwhile, hotels, wineries and restaurants are serving single-origin Flow Hive honey as a point of difference for their guests.

Boutique Honey Market Stall Holder

Michael Eppler from Bien Apiary says his customers are prepared to pay an extra premium price for good quality honey.


Turn your honey into money

For many of us, beekeeping is a labour of love, the gentle hum of the hive and the sweet reward of fresh honey are enough. But if you’ve had a good season you may want to consider selling your excess honey. Flow technology helps you deliver local quality honey fresh from the hive. With reduced harvest labour you get the best value from your time and honey!

States and territories may have different regulations for selling honey. Check with your local authority for region-specific advice.

Unique flavour in every Flow Frame

Flow’s patented technology allows each single source honey to be tapped individually, so you can experience the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle!) seasonal variations in colour, flavour and bouquet.

Flow Hive customers are loving being able to tell the story of their single frames of honey.

"People say they never tasted honey like that before. I don’t even strain the honey, it’s very clear and clean. I note on the label which frame and which hive the honey comes from. Each frame has a different honey colour."
Barbara, Mullumbimby Australia

Higher quality

The Flow Method of harvesting allows for the honey to be removed from the comb without the need to strain or process in any way. This gives your honey the unique advantage of tasting exactly like honeycomb honey, which has not had its flavour or composition compromised by any extraction processes.

Without all the processing, Flow Hive honey retains the fresh floral aromas of the nectar from which it was produced. It’s the sort of flavour that keeps customers
“You can harvest individual batches of honey, keep them separate and market them individually”
Michael Eppler, Bien Apiary, Australia

Sell your honey for a higher price

Boutique honey producers selling their Flow Hive honey through local markets are reporting returns up to 10x higher on their honey compared to selling in bulk to the packers.

“(With Flow) now we can say we have the specific honey from Sweet Clover, Red Clover, Alfalfa, or something like that, and ask for a little bit more money because it's unique in our part of the world (and from a Flow Hive).”
Sheldon Hill, Sweet Pure Honey, Canada

Better return on investment

Sideliners and hobby farmers are finding honey sales direct to consumers via the farm gate or local farmers market provide a much greater return compared to selling honey in bulk and represent a great opportunity to enter the honey market.

“We use Flow Hives to our advantage. Everything is sold locally at the markets with people coming back all the time and prepared to pay a premium price.”
Michael Eppler, Bien Apiary, Australia

95% less labor

Flow technology helps you deliver quality, raw honey—no heating, no filtration, no spinning—direct from the hive to the customer. Turn the Flow Key and watch as pure, fresh honey flows right out of the hive and into your jar. No mess, no fuss, no heavy lifting, and no expensive processing equipment.

“Mind-blowing! It's not very often something is so revolutionary as to blow my mind. Saving 20% of harvest labor is not trivial; 40% is amazing; 60% is revolutionary. But 95% – that’s mind-boggling!”
Michael Bush, author of "Beekeeping Naturally", USA

Less work for the bees

Bees spend their energy making honey not wax, resulting in higher honey yields and less effort for the bees.

“Within two days of the harvest, the bees had removed the cappings and resealed the cell walls with wax, ready for the next batch of honey. My husband is so delighted, that he does not want to extract honey by any method other than Flow Frames in the future!”
Dawn, California USA

From paddock to plate

Restaurants, resorts and guest houses are using Flow Hives as a point of difference. It allows them to give their guests an authentic food experience when they can see honey being harvested and then enjoy it in the food served to them.  

“The Flow Hive makes it so easy. Guests love it when we tap some honey with them.” Tony, The Sounds Retreat, Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand



Why commercial beekeepers are investing in Flow Hives

Stella and Sheldon run 'Sweet Pure Honey', a Canadian boutique honey and commercial apiary. Their Flow Hive honey fetches significantly higher prices.