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Flow Baseboard

Dispatches in 1-2 working days from AU
Timber & Size

Need a spare baseboard for your Flow Hive Classic, or want to convert your existing Langstroth hive to the Flow method of harvesting?

We have a limited number of our screened baseboards in US Western Red Cedar and Australian Araucaria– compatible with Flow Hives Classics, Flow Super Classics & Hybrids.

Flow Baseboards are specially manufactured with an optimal backward sloping angle of 2.5º for easy honey harvesting from your Flow Frames.

Complete with an inbuilt pest management system, including stainless steel mesh for easy monitoring of unwanted guests within the hive and a corflute slider to control the airflow for your colony to suit local conditions. *Please note, US Style does not come with corflute slider.

Compatible with:

Cedar 6 US Style: Flow Hive Classic Cedar 6, Flow Super Classic Cedar 6, Flow Super Hybrid Cedar 3 (Founding Supporter Hives and Supers) (does not include corflute slider)

Araucaria 6 AU Style:  Flow Hive Classic ARA 6, Flow Super Classic ARA 6, Flow Hive Hybrid ARA 3

Araucaria 7 AU Style:  Flow Hive Classic ARA 7, Flow Super Classic ARA 7, 

Each of our Flow Hive models are manufactured with minor sizing differences, so it is important to choose the correct Baseboard to be compatible with your existing hive.

You can also add it to an existing 8 frame Langstroth hive, however, please note that all Langstroth boxes are made differently – there may be a minor difference in timber width between your Langstroth box and our baseboard. 

Need help?

We know it can be confusing knowing which size to select, so pleasecontact our team if you need any assistance in choosing the correct baseboard for your existing hive.


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