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Beekeeper Bundle

Expand your apiary with a sweet saving on our best-selling Flow Hive 2, bundled with a premium Flow Beekeeping Caddy and Accessories Kit.

Hive sizing
Hive Size
thebeekeeper monthly subscription $27/mowith free trial
Harvest up to 21 kg of honey when super is full
Works in all climates
Bee organised, save time
Sustainable materials

Want to expand your apiary with our best-selling Flow Hive 2 but already have a suit and smoker? This Beekeeper’s Bundle is for you!

Featuring our Araucaria Flow Hive 2 with adjustable hive stand bundled with our latest product release – the Flow Beekeepers Caddy and Accessories Kit – to ensure you’ll always have the right tool at the right time.

Carefully crafted for experiencing the joy of harvesting honey directly from the hive.


Bundle Includes

• Flow Hive 2 – 6 or 7 frames
• Adjustable hive stand
• Integrated pest management system
• Flow Beekeeping Caddy and Accessories Kit

The Flow Beekeeping Caddy Accessories Kit includes:

• Detachable canvas tool roll
• Caddy inner tray
• Caddy smoker holder
• Flow Bee Brush
• Flow Beekeeping Log Book
• Flow Assembly Tool
• Flow Honey Drizzlers (set of 3)
• Flow J-hive Tool

Note: Does not include bee suit or smoker


“This has all come about because of our love for the bees and an acknowledgement of how important they are, not only to the food we eat, but to all life on Earth.”

- Stuart Anderson

“If we look after the bees, they’ll look after us. And the honey really is an amazing bonus.”

- Cedar Anderson

If you’re new to beekeeping and aren’t sure where to start, we have you covered!

With this purchase, you’ll gain one month’s FREE access to our online beginner beekeeping course, TheBeekeeper.org. Created in conjunction with world experts, you’ll be beekeeping with confidence in no time!

Plus, as part of the Flow Community, you’ll have access to a swarm of online educational resources and support from our stellar customer service team, on hand to answer your questions.

CARE GUIDE (Safety and care/maintenance guide)

Beekeeping suits and other personal protective equipment can offer excellent sting prevention, but are not 100 percent effective. It’s important new beekeepers exercise caution when tending to their hives and are comfortable with the fact that sooner or later, all beekeepers get stung.

Check out this Flow sponsored safety pamphlet covering common beekeeping safety risks and first aid responses.

To give the best in weather protection, it's important to paint your Araucaria Flow Hive 2 with two coats of good quality outdoor paint.


Your bundle will ship when all items in order are in stock, please check below for any for any possible delays.

6 Frames: Dispatches in 1-2 working days
7 Frames: Dispatches in 1-2 working days

Our customers love the Flow Hive 2

What's in the box

Flow Hive 2

Flow Beekeeping Caddy and Accessories Kit

Your questions answered

Beekeeping is a fascinating and rewarding hobby, where the discoveries are endless. Plus the honey really is an amazing bonus!

If you’re just getting started, we’re here to help – our friendly support team is on hand via email, phone, or live chat to get fast answers to your buzzing questions.

Or if you’d rather go straight to the top, join Cedar, our co-inventor, every week for a special live stream on Facebook and Youtube, where you’ll have the opportunity to ask him your questions live!

We’ll support you every step of the way with a swarm of educational resources to ensure your beekeeping journey will be an enjoyable one.

Ready to take the first step? Learn beekeeping terminology – from queen excluders, to drone bees and all the parts of a beehive – by downloading our simple PDF guide to beekeeping to start your journey today.

Watch the following video below to learn how the Flow Frames work.

In response to requests for a larger hive, we have created a 7 Frame Flow Hive that is compatible with 10 frame Langstroth equipment.

Beehives in the 10 frame Langstroth sizing are extremely popular in cold climates and with beekeepers who prefer to have an extra two frames for their colony in the brood box.

Having an additional Flow Frame in your super is a bonus for collecting more delicious Flow harvested honey!

Not sure which model is best for you? Check out this video

Plastic has been used in beehives as part of foundation for brood frames for many years. Our Flow Hives only feature the highest quality, foodgrade, BPA and BPS Free plastic in the Flow Super where the honey is stored. The bees complete the Flow Frame matrix and coat it with wax before adding their nectar to turn into honey. We supply and recommend foundationless brood frames to keep the brood nest as natural as possible for the bees.

How do I get bees?

Bees rarely find their way into empty beehive boxes, even though they are designed to be a perfect home for them.

There are a number of ways of starting a colony, from buying a package of bees, to receiving a hive split or catching a swarm.

We also have a range of videos and blogs to help you understand the different ways in which you can source bees for your new hive.

Yes! Flow Hives are perfect for setting-up just about anywhere.

You will need enough space to access the back of the hive for easy harvesting and your bees will require a clear space at the front of the hive for their flight path.

You'll also need to check-in with local governing bodies to find out if there are any regulations that you need to be aware of.

Here are some of our top tips on where to set up your beehive.

Yes! Getting set up with a Flow Hive is a great interactive family activity as our revolutionary honey harvesting technology removes the need for additional harvesting equipment, making this enjoyable hobby much more accessible.
Harvesting honey together as a family is an incredible experience and enough to entice all members of your family to learn about bees which are completely fascinating! Don’t be surprised if you find yourself with extra hands on deck to help out with brood inspections ;)

Make sure you have some extra suits on hand – we have protective wear in all sizes to accommodate all members of the family.

Still have questions? We'd love to hear from you.

The Flow Hive is successfully in use in all climates wherever beekeeping is possible, from the hot Australian summers to the cold Alskan winters.

Beekeeping is a fascinating hobby which when approached with knowledge, skill and dedication can be incredibly rewarding.

It is important to understand some basic safety guidelines to ensure that your beekeeping experience is a safe and positive one.

Beekeeping suits and other personal protective equipment can offer excellent prevention against bee stings but are not 100 percent effective. It’s important new beekeepers exercise caution when tending to their hives and are comfortable with the fact that sooner or later, all beekeepers get stung.

Check out this Flow sponsored safety pamphlet covering common beekeeping safety risks and first aid responses.

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