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Flow Hive 2 Upgrade Kit

Dispatches in 1-2 working days from AU

This Flow Hive 2 upgrade kit contains two of our most popular upgrades for the Flow Hive 2 – an entrance reducer and our custom Flow Ant Guard™ kit.

Entrance reducer
The Flow Entrance Reducer is handy for protecting your colony against predators and robbing, or for reducing drafts in cold climates, and can be used to seal the hive entrance for short periods when relocating your hive.

Ant guards
If you have a Flow Hive 2 with an original adjustable hive stand and are looking for an elegant solution for keeping these tiny pests out of your hive, then our Flow Hive 2 retrofit ant guards are for you.

Made in Australia from 100% recycled polypropylene, they provide a space for creating a liquid ant barrier on the legs of your hive stand.

Note: Ant guards are not interchangeable with those used on Flow Hive 2+

How to use your entrance reducer
Entrance reducers are designed to narrow the entry point of the hive. This can be useful for protecting your hive against predators or robbing colonies, as this allows the guard bees to more effectively control who enters the hive.

They can also be helpful in cold climates for reducing drafts and snow from entering the hive throughout the cooler months.


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