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Hive Stand Upgrade Kit

Hive Stand Upgrade Kit

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Purchased a Flow Hive 2 but realised that you'd benefit from also having an adjustable hive stand?

This upgrade kit is just what you need.

The Flow Hive 2 is manufactured with a 3º slope towards the honey outlets for optimal honey harvesting, created by two footblocks attached to the front of the base.

As an optional extra, we have created this handy integrated adjustable beehive stand for those who don’t have a hive stand, to enable the beehive to be freestanding at your perfect hive location.

This special edition allows you to control the level of your beehive even on uneven surfaces.

Simply wind each individual leg to the required height, using the handy inbuilt spirit levels located at the side and rear of the base as a guide. The spirit levels are custom made to be aligned when the correct slope has been achieved.

Priced at $109.

*This accessory is only compatible with Flow Hive 2 footblock hives and cannot be added to the Flow Hive Classic.