Where to locate your Flow Hive

It is important to consider the location of your new beehive prior to installing your bees. You can’t move a beehive around your paddock, yard or rooftop easily. Bees have highly developed navigational skills. If the hive is moved they become confused and will return to the original site. For advice on moving a bee hive once the bees are housed consult a beekeeping book, the user forum on honeyflow.com or your local beekeepers’ association.

There are three important things to consider when selecting a site for your new hive – your bees, your neighbours and yourself.

The location of your beehive will affect the overall strength of your colony. Choose a sheltered position. In cool climates look for a dry sunny position, in hot climates the hive will benefit from some shade, particularly in summer. Face the hive entrance away from the prevailing winds. Ideally, face the entrance in a southerly direction if you’re in the northern hemisphere and northerly direction for the southern hemisphere. 

Safety Considerations

Other considerations