It’s a wrap for Waggle Dance season 1!

The Flow team have thoroughly enjoyed watching all of the Waggle Dance film festival season 1 entries. There was a buzz and much laughter as we all lobbied for our favourite #myflowhive entry to win the competition.

We were so inspired by the passion and joy that people demonstrated towards their bees and Flow Hives – it was so difficult to make the final decision!

Drum roll …


Congratulations Dustin and family from Toronto, Canada and Oren and family from Coorabell (NSW, Australia)!

These videos were a favourite with our Flow team as they capture the excitement and joy of tasting the first honey harvest. Both winners will receive a personalised Flow Hive 2.

Check out the winning videos here:

Family harvest

Dustin and kids


It sure was a hard decision! Check out our other finalists videos here:

Eric from Clermont, France

Russell and Liam from Lebanon, OH, USA

Finn’s honey (Qld, Australia)


Season 2

Waggle Dance season 2 will be starting soon, so get filming! The great news is there will be a category for bee enthusiasts who haven’t yet begun their Flow beekeeping adventures.