Terms and Conditions Black and Yellow Friday voucher

Terms and Conditions

Black and Yellow Friday coupon voucher

  • Coupon voucher applies to all purchases of an Araucaria Flow Hive 2 or Bundle, any other complete full-priced Flow Hive (ie no discounts applied) or any Flow Bundle between Wednesday 21 November and midnight Tuesday 27 November 2018, will be eligible to receive a complimentary coupon voucher of AU$150 for use on our website www.honeyflow.com.au only.
  • Total saving listed inclusive of voucher value.
  • Hint: save your discount codes and refer a friend codes for another day. The Black (& Yellow) Friday deals are so generous, so we cannot give you a coupon voucher if you apply other discounts at the time of check out.
  • Every order with an eligible purchase over the Black Friday campaign period will be allocated a single-use coupon voucher, which will be emailed to you on 1 December 2018.
  • Vouchers will be sent by email to the email address connected to the qualifying hive/bundle purchase. The coupon voucher will be a discount code that can be used during checkout on our website.  
  • Vouchers are valid for use between 1 December 2018 to 31 January 2019. All coupon vouchers which have not been redeemed in this time-frame will no longer be valid after 31 January 2019.
  • Note: our Pollinator House is not considered a Flow Hive and the purchase of this product is not eligible to receive a coupon voucher. Remember all profits from this sweet product go toward habitat protection.
  • Customers who place multiple orders of eligible products (ie complete hives or bundles) will receive multiple coupon vouchers.
  • If you purchase multiple bundles or hives on a single order, you will only receive one coupon voucher
  • Customers who purchase an Apiary Bundle and who receive two Flow Hives will only be eligible for one coupon voucher (the amazing discount on these bundles make them a steal already.)
  • Multiple coupon vouchers cannot be combined or used on a single purchase - they can only be used on a one-per-order basis.
  • All coupon vouchers are for single use only and cannot be used over multiple purchases. So this means you need to spend it in one go (this will not be difficult as there are lots of product options available for purchase in our store.) The remaining amount of the coupon voucher is forfeited and unable to be redeemed.
  • Vouchers are transferable and may be gifted to others - yes, we think this is amazing too! The coupon voucher code is unique and can be gifted to a friend if you want to be really generous (they do not need to be an existing customer to redeem it.)
  • As we just mentioned, the coupon voucher code is unique, so don’t lose it or share with others (unless you want to give it away.)
  • Voucher is valid for the purchase of Flow Hives, Flow Supers, Flow Frames, beekeeper's suits and smokers.
  • Voucher cannot be used to purchase Flow Bundles, Brood Boxes, Pollinator Houses, spares and gift cards or used towards shipping fees.
  • Voucher is not eligible for use in conjunction with other discounts or coupon vouchers (eg other coupon codes, sale items and bundles).