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"I'm bee obsessed"

Johanna Griggs from Better Home and Gardens chatted to Cedar about how beekeeping has allowed her garden to bloom:

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Want to give your garden a boost and add to your home-grown produce?

Gardeners know how important pollination is – whether you’re into prize-winning blooms, or feeding your family from your vegetable plot, our little garden allies are completely necessary for the health and reproduction of our plants. 

Imagine being able to taste what’s flowering in your own garden

From the zesty delights of a nearby citrus orchard to the herbaceous and floral notes of lavender, honey harvested from a Flow Hive is raw and completely unprocessed, making it superior in flavour to commercially produced honey.

There’s nothing like sharing the seasonal flavours collected from your very own yard with the people you love.

Better Homes and Gardens

Flow Hive and Joh feature at 20:10 minutes into the program:

Harvesting honey used to be difficult, but not anymore... 


The Flow Hive has made beekeeping so much more accessible

The gentlest method of honey harvesting ever developed, the Flow Hive can be used anywhere – from rooftops and balconies to backyards or acreage,  this elegant system eliminates the need for a lot of space and for expensive and cumbersome honey extraction equipment.

To harvest honey, it’s no longer necessary to spend hours engaged in sticky time-consuming work, which requires lots of heavy lifting, resulting in bee stings and lots of dead bees.

A Flow Hive takes all the hard work out of harvesting honey. By simply turning the Flow Key, the Flow Frames are activated and pure, fresh, locally sourced, unfiltered honey runs out of the hive and into your jar.