Spring is here – it's beekeeping season!


Spring heralds the start of beekeeping season – a time when passionate and curious “beeks” crack open their hives and enjoy their exclusive pass into a tiny fascinating world.

It’s hard to describe the feeling of witnessing a bee colony in action – but anyone who’s discovered this spellbinding cosmos knows exactly what we are talking about!

Bee Prepared

If you need new beekeeping equipment for colony splits, your safety gear needs an upgrade or you want to get your name down for a new package of bees, it’s good practice to get in early.

Spring is here


So what's the hurry?
Here are some of our top
tips for spring preparation:


If you're new to beekeeping, learning everything about looking after your bees is a fascinating and rewarding journey. We have a swarm of resources available to support you, from beginner beekeeping videos to FAQs or support from our friendly team – we’re here to help!

Click here for some great information on getting started.

Tips on getting set up for spring

  • Get familiar with your hive and work out its best location. You can even start your pollinator garden (your bees will thank you for it).

  • Get your brood box set up and painted/oiled well before it becomes home to a bee colony, bees don’t like to wait when they’re ready for a new home.

  • Nucs or bee packages need to be ordered from a reputable supplier well in advance – waiting lists can quickly fill up so it’s important to be ready when your supplier is.

  • Join a Beekeeping Club – it’s a great way to connect with experienced local beekeepers who can help support your beekeeping journey (they may even be able to help you source bees!).

  • Make sure you have a bee suit and smoker so you can get started safely with confidence.

  • Learn as much as you can – bees are fascinating... But be warned – beekeeping is addictive!
Preparing for Spring

Experienced Beeks

If you already have a colony it may soon be expanding. It’s a great idea to start planning how you will accommodate your apiary's new edition before your colony decides to reproduce.

Spring is a beekeeper's call to action in the apiary

  • Bees don’t hang around when they’re ready to expand their colony. Be prepared to perform a brood split – responsible beekeepers will take steps to prevent swarms to reduce the possibility of creating feral colonies.

  • Have an extra brood box on hand that you can use for splits or swarm catches – sometimes bees can be a little unpredictable!

  • If you want to expand your apiary, you may be lucky enough to start a new colony by catching a spring swarm. It’s not unusual for a keen beekeeper to travel with a bee suit and spare brood box in the trunk of their car during swarm season, just in case!

  • Bees can build out quickly in spring – be set up in time to catch the honey flow.

Preparing for Spring


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Ready for a second hive? Then prepare early for a hive split or spring swarm.

It’s not just doubling the honey (though this is a nice bonus). Every hive has its own temperament – by expanding your apiary you can compare colony strength, productivity, health and support ailing hives with queen cell transfers or brood if needed. If you want a second colony this season, now’s the perfect time to order your new hive.

Wondering how to catch a swarm or split your hive? Watch these great videos below.

Hive Split - Flow Hive


Flow Hive swarm catch at office


Want to share your growing colony with family or friends?

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