We are hiring! - Media production Assistant

Would you like to be part of an innovative startup, helping the bees and using business for positive purpose?


We’re seeking an enthusiastic, organised person with a background in digital photography and video creation for an exciting position in our media team.


A bit about us:

Flow technology is a world-first invention which has revolutionised beekeeping, making backyard beekeeping much more accessible. It’s now possible to harvest pure honey straight from the beehive without opening it, making the process much easier for the beekeeper and much gentler on the bees. Invented by father and son team Stuart and Cedar Anderson, who thought “there has to be a better way…” 

After years of tinkering and testing, the Flow Hive was launched as one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns in history. 5 years on, with over 75,000 customers in 130 countries around the world, we are growing our business and our team, while continuing to innovate.

We love bees, but really we’re about more than just this. Every member of our team is dedicated to utilising business for positive purpose, and we strive to keep this ethos at the forefront of all our business decisions. In 2018 we became B Corp accredited, joining a movement of businesses aiming to do good things for our planet. To date we have donated approximately $350,000 to support projects around the globe, and hope to continue using our platform to create a positive impact.


A bit about the role:

Media Production Assistant

On top of a fantastic product, Flow’s success has been due in part to our ability to create beautiful digital content which captures our brand and tells our story.
Our media team is responsible for all of our video and photographic content – as a media production assistant, you would be working closely with our Digital Content Producer. We are looking for someone with experience in editing and visual content creation, plus aptitude for project management. 

This is a short term contract, potentially with an opportunity to extend.

Full-time role.

Tasks may include:

  • Assist in the production of video and photographic content - includes filming, recording audio, and editing;
  • Assist in the development of shooting briefs in conjunction with content writer; 
  • Assist in ensuring that projects are completed on time;  
  • Assist in developing all content to meet marketing campaign objectives including the style, tone and marketing message requirements; 
  • Follow the branding guidelines in the development of all digital content; 
  • Contribute new ideas and feedback for content creation; 
  • Manage the organisation and maintenance of film and photographic equipment; 
  • Occasionally traveling to shoot at various locations; 
  • Organising run sheets, shot lists, equipment, talent, etc for shoots; 

Essential skills: 

  • Basic IT/computer skills
  • Adobe Premiere 
  • Filming
  • Photography
  • MacOS file management 
  • Basic understanding of lighting
  • Problem solving
  • Fast learner

Desirable skills:

  • Proficiency with the Adobe Suite
  • Experience creating content according to brand guidelines 
  • Experience with product-focused shoots 
  • Audio recording & production 
  • Copywriting
  • Script writing
  • Graphics/animation 
  • Experience working with advanced production cameras (Black magic, Arri, Red etc)

Who this role would suit:

You’re someone with a background in digital content creation and would love to learn and grow alongside our established team. You’re happy to jump into any task, from editing selects cuts, to capturing content, to helping get a hive ready for a shoot. You have a passion for visual creation and can’t wait to share your enthusiasm & ideas with our team.

Also, it’s necessary that you have some level of interest in bees. If you don’t know anything yet, we’re happy to teach you. It’s important that all members of our team have a thorough understanding of how our products work along with some beekeeping knowledge to support customers. So a willingness to learn these things is essential.

You’re self-motivated 

  • You’ve got initiative, can solve problems on the fly, and actively seek out solutions when one is not already obvious.

You’re a keen learner and teacher

  • You have the ability to learn quickly
  • You know that sharing your knowledge makes for a better team all round.

You have good organizational skills

  • You are able to plan and prioritise to ensure a project is completed from start to finish
  • You know how to create an accurate timeline and are comfortable working with planning documents
  • You turn up to a shoot with all the bits and bobs required to get the job done

You are experienced in digital content creation

  • You’re up to date on the latest post-production software. 
  • You’re able to work with complex file types and platforms. 

You’re computer savvy

  • You have a sound understanding of commonly used computer programs 
  • A lot of your work will be on a computer, you’ll need to feel comfortable in the digital space and be willing to have a go at solving tech issues when they arise.  

You pay attention to details 

  • You’re great at picking up typos in subtitles or noticing if the wrong title is assigned to a product.
  • You can spot the little things that make the difference in a shoot, and can work with the people or product to get the best capture on the day.

You care about bees & the environment

  • Even if  you don’t yet have practical beekeeping knowledge, skills and experience, you’re excited to learn more about bees. Being passionate about the planet is also a big plus.


    Why you should work with us:

    The Flow team are a group of caring individuals with a common goal. There’s a great sense of purpose in being part of a company which is striving for positive change.

    Our office is situated in a beautiful part of the world, overlooking the coastline just south of Byron Bay – and yes we can occasionally spot whales from our desks!

    Our team are avid environmentalists, and we work closely together to continue to find better ways to do things. 

    We’ve won multiple awards for innovation and product design. 

    There is room for growth in our company and for finding the best possible work practices to implement, so we welcome innovative thought and inspiration. For those who have drive and want to investigate new ideas, we love to support this.

    You’ll be working with an incredible bunch of passionate people to grow our business, and there will be scope for adopting initiatives and calling them your own.

    And just to name a couple of the perks – there’s the full pantry and fridge, Wednesday team lunches (generally, outside of COVID-times), team building days, and more… ;) 

    If you think you would be a good fit for our hive, please