Hoop Pine Flow Hive Classic

The Flow Hive Classic

This is the signature kit that made Flow a household name. Perfect for everyone from newbees to the most experienced beeks, the world-famous Flow Hive Classic comes complete with a Flow Super, full complement of Flow Frames and once assembled will be ready for your bees.

The Flow Hive, invented by father-son duo Stuart and Cedar Anderson, is widely regarded as the most significant advancement in beekeeping technology in more than 150 years.

Crafted from quality cabinet timbers, the Flow Hive Classic also features an integrated pest management screen bottom board, observation windows and our distinctive gabled roof.
The unique clear end-frame view of the patented Flow Frames allows beekeepers to observe their busy bees and see at a glance when the honey is ready.

Then it’s simply a matter of inserting and turning the Flow Tool. The honey cells are split vertically and, when full, release around three kilos of clean, pure, fresh honey, with no further processing or filtration required.

A decade in the making, Flow Frames are the least invasive method of honey harvesting ever conceived, making the extraction process much gentler for both bees and beekeepers alike.

A global crowdfunding sensation, in months, tens of thousands of Flow Hive Classics have been sold in more than 130 countries all around the world.
All made right here in Australia
While the Flow Frames have always been made in Brisbane, until now the timber hive bodies have been crafted in the USA from western red cedar.

The hoop pine Flow Hive Classic is an Australian-made product

And good for the environment
The hoop pine is AFS- and FSC-certified, meaning it complies with the highest
sustainability standards here in Australia, and globally.

In the weather, the western red cedar lasts longer than pine.
With a hoop pine hive, two coats of high-quality exterior house-paint is must.

Paint it pretty!

You should factor in the cost of the paint and the time it takes when deciding between the hoop pine and the western red cedar Flow Hive, but there’s something to be said for having the coolest-looking custom Flow Hive in the street.

We’re based in Bangalow, NSW, and we commissioned some local artists to put paint to pine. Here’s what they came up with!

Environmentally conscious

As a company, we strive for our environmental impact to be as light as possible in
everything we do.

That’s why the hoop pine used in these hoop pine Flow Hive Classics is from plantations...
that adhere to the guidelines of both Australian Forestry Standards (AFS) and those of the
Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC).

The stringent standards of the Forestry Stewardship Council aim to ensure the international
forestry industry meets the social, ecological and economic needs of the present without
compromising the needs and rights of future generations.

Australian Forestry standards are voluntary guidelines used by timber growers and
producers to ensure high standards of ecological, social and economic sustainability

We’re proud of the environmental credentials of the all-Australian hoop pine Flow Hive
Classic and so pleased we can now offer this to our Australian customers at this low price.