Classic Western Red Cedar 6 Frame


The Flow Hive Classic 6 Frame is our signature package, carefully crafted to experience the ease of harvesting with Flow.

Perfect for beginners or experienced beekeepers, this complete bee hive comes with 6 Flow Frames that feature our revolutionary honey harvesting technology. Coined 'the most significant advancement in beekeeping since 1852', it is now possible to simply turn the Flow Key and watch as pure, untouched, unprocessed fresh honey flows right out of the hive and into your jar.

This is the ORIGINAL CLASSIC WESTERN RED CEDAR FLOW HIVE designed and manufactured in Australia. It comes with our 12-month warranty and support from our friendly Australian based Flow customer service team.

Beware of cheap imitations.

Crafted from premium Western Red Cedar, the Flow Hive Classic includes a specially modified Flow Super, integrated pest management screened bottom board, observation windows and our distinctive gabled roof.

What's included


        Gabled Roof

        Cedar Super 6

        6 Flow Frames & Flow Tubes

        Brood Box with 8 Frames

        Screened Base Board

        Inner Cover

        Queen Excluder

        Flow Key

        Assembly Manual

How Do Flow Frames Work?

The Flow Frames consists of partly formed honeycomb cells. The bees then complete the comb with wax then fill the cells with honey, before finally capping the cells.

When the frame is full it's ready to harvest

  1. Remove the key access cap and honey trough cap
  2. Insert honey tube into honey trough
  3. Insert Flow key into bottom slot
  4. Rotate Flow key 90 degrees downwards

Inside the honeycomb the cells have now split and turned into channels for the honey to flow down. The bees remain undisturbed on the surface of the comb. If there does happen to be a bee down an empty cell it wont get injured as there is enough space between the comb walls.


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