Copy of Pollinator Support Program

Funding for Pollinator Projects 

Applications Open 20 May – 28 June

Flow Hive is donating 100% of profits from sales of our Flow Pollinator House that sold out last year in the United States and Australia. This funding will be directed to organisations that support local grassroots pollinator projects in these two countries.

We are looking to support pollinator projects of all shapes and sizes and need your help finding them— from small backyard activities to larger initiatives. Projects can be run by not-for-profit organisations, educational institutes, or by community groups that are auspiced or sponsored by a nominated organisation, or incorporated organisations and social enterprises. A total of 6-7 projects, as well as runner-up prizes, will be funded in both the USA and Australia.

Pollinator habitat is crucial for the existence and wellbeing of all pollinators. Honey bees and native pollinators are responsible for pollinating a third of the world’s food crops.

We are looking to support the type of projects that offer real-life experiences for people to get involved in, visit and be an active part of. We believe that bringing people together in community projects helps to build stewards who will care for all pollinators for generations to come.

Everywhere communities are hard at work protecting and rehabilitating pollinator habitat, and we want to help these initiatives.

As part of the company’s commitment to business with positive purpose, AU$40,000 (approx US$15,000 in the USA and AU$20,000 Australia) will be offered to not-for-profit organisations, educational institutions and community groups, to projects which support pollinating insects. Organisations can apply for funding from $1000 – $5000.

The Pollinator Support Program will fund projects that, for example, plant or protect pollinator habitat, educate people about the importance of pollinators and how to help them, or advocate on behalf of pollinators. 

Apply for Support

Do you know of a project or organisation that is:
  • Sharing educational materials, events and initiatives to support pollinators
  • Planting gardens and creating habitat for pollinators, and/or
  • Advocating on behalf of pollinators
If you do, invite them to apply for support for their project as part of our Pollinator Support Program. The funding round is open from 20 May – 28 June 2018


Flow's Mission

At Flow, we aim to have a regenerative impact on the planet through innovation in beekeeping that connects people to nature and inspires care for our shared world.

A very intricate relationship has developed between plants and their pollinators, as both parties rely on one another for survival.

However, with the increase in intensive agricultural farming, monoculture, pesticide and insecticide use, the very existence of pollinators is threatened, which in turn threatens our existence. Without bees and other pollinators, we would live in a food desert. 

20 May

Official Launch of Pollinator Support Program World Bee Day

20 May - 28 June

Funding Application Round Open (6 weeks)

28 June

Funding Application Round Closes

19 July

Announcement of shortlisted projects & voting open

19 July - 16 August

Vote for your favourite projects (4 weeks)

18 August

Announcement of successful applicants on USA National Honey Bee Day