Bee Prepared for Spring

Spring is such an incredible time – flowers begin to emerge from their dormant hideaways, baby animals are in abundance, and for beekeepers, it’s the season when things get busy!

Here are some of our top tips for spring preparation:

  1. Bees don’t hang around when they are ready to expand their colony so it’s important to have your brood box set up and painted/oiled well before it becomes home to a bee colony.
  2. Nucs or bee packages need to be ordered well in advance – waiting lists can quickly become long so it’s important to be ready when your supplier is.
  3. If you’re a newbee, you’ll want to get as familiar as possible with your hive, learn as much as you can, work out the best location and even start your pollinator garden (your bees will thank you for it).
  4. Bees can build out quickly in spring, so you need to be ready in time to catch the honey flow.
  5. As the weather warms you may be lucky enough to start your colony with a local hive split, or even catch a spring swarm. It’s not unusual for keen beekeepers to travel with a beekeeping suit and spare brood box in their car during swarm season just in case!




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I want to be a beekeeper

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I’m a new(ish) beekeeper

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I’m already a beekeeper

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