• Flow Super Hybrid Pine 4 - Unsealed
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Flow Super Hybrid Araucaria

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A Flow Super Hybrid is perfect for beekeepers with an existing hive who want to experience the ease of harvesting with Flow and are also lovers of honeycomb. They can even be added as a second super on top of your existing Flow Hive.

Honeycomb is a great gift for friends & family, organically built by nature’s little engineers and constructed in natural-and-perfect hexagon shapes, it is bound to entice and inspire those who you choose to share it with.

Combining Flow technology with traditional wooden frames in your Flow Super allows you the flexibility to harvest honey on tap from your Flow frames and delicious fresh honeycomb from your wooden frames. This package has the additional benefit of offering beekeepers the option to move wooden frames between the super and brood box which can be useful for hive management.

Our patentedFlow Frame technology is the most significant advancement in beekeeping since 1852 which allows beekeepers to tap honey straight from the hive. TheFlow Framesare made in Brisbane, Australia, from durable, BPA- and BPS-free plastic.