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Created to make sharing honey with friends, neighbours and family even more special, these beautiful labels and swing tags can be used when gifting or selling honey, and/or in conjunction with your existing labels.

Sharing honey is in part about sharing the story of the honey - people love to hear about the place where it was harvested, or which flowers were in season while the bees were collecting nectar. These labels provide space to highlight the uniqueness of your honey by including details such as the date of harvest, tasting notes, or to even personalise the gift by including a name.

We value your feedback and would love you to be part of a short survey after you've had a chance to try the labels out.
We'd love to see photos of your labels in use too!

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∙ A pack of 12 labels and swing tags.
∙ Does not include string for swing tags.

 Does not include Flow Hive or Frames, bees, honey or jars.



These labels can be used to:

  • Date your honey, allowing you to easily track and compare different nectar sources and their flavours over months and years.
  • Add a name, your own notes, or a message for the lucky person who will be enjoying the honey.
  • Record which hive the honey has been harvested from. Here at Flow HQ, we like to note the name of the hive's Queen, or which nectar source the honey has come from.
  • Show that it's honey from a Flow Hive, so anyone you share it with knows it’s been harvested using Flow technology – gentle on the bees and easier on the beekeeper!
Cedar tasting honey

Labelling and other requirements for honey sellers

If you sell your honey, you need to adhere to certain regulations.

Our Flow Community Forum members have posted some basic info on this topic for honey sellers in Australia here. 
PLEASE NOTE: That external website is not connected to Flow/BeeInventive, and we are not responsible for its content.


Scientists agree: Flow Hive honey is special!

Flow’s invention allows harvesting straight from the hive, while the bees are left to be.

Each frame can be tapped individually with zero processing required, allowing single-origin flavours to shine through.

This avoids the blending, heating, filtering and oxidation associated with conventional harvesting methods.  

Honeys harvested using Flow technology and conventional methods (centrifugal extraction) were compared in blind testing by University of Queensland in a group study. 

They found that participants noted a difference in flavours between Flow honey and conventionally harvested honey, wherein Flow honey was characterised as being more herbaceous, floral, and having other identifying flavour notes.

Read the full study results here. 

    Flowing honey
    Flow honey jars on Flow Hive roof


    Honey comes to us through the interplay between so many different elements of nature - a relationship between bees, flowers, and you - the beekeeper.

    None of that could happen without rain falling from the clouds, soil formed over thousands of years, and light that travels 93 million miles to get here from the sun. 
    A single bee will make only one twelfth (1/12th) of a teaspoon of honey in her lifetime. In order to make half a kilo of honey, bees must visit about 2 million flowers.

    We look after bees, they turn nectar into honey, and we get to enjoy the distilled sweetness of it all as a result.

    What an extraordinary world we live in, and what a wonderful thing to be able to share with others!


    “You know, I think the most interesting part about the honey coming out of the Flow Hive is the difference in each frame of honey.
    And so, harvesting a frame of honey and just being able to smell it like a glass of wine and actually the floral notes are there. I mean, if you smell a bottle of honey that's been extracted, it just, it's not the same.”

    – Jeff Walker, Texas

      Flow hive honey harvesting

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