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Flow Gabled Roof Kit

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Is your Flow Hive Classic Roof in need of a replacement, or would you like a spare to make apiary maintenance even easier?

Do you have a Flow Super on your existing Langstroth hive and have always wanted to complete your set-up with our iconic gabled Flow Roof? Now you can!

Specially designed to be used in conjunction with our Flow Frames, the Flow Gabled Roof provides space for the Flow Key access area on the Flow Super and comes with an inner cover ensuring the ultimate set-up for easy harvesting.

Flow Gabled Roof – Araucaria 6: Flow Hive Classic Araucaria 6, Flow Hive Hybrid Araucaria 3, Flow Super Classic Araucaria 6.

Flow Gabled Roof – Araucaria 7: currently out of stock

Flow Gabled Roof – WRC 6: Flow Hive Classic Cedar 6, Flow Super Classic Cedar 6.

After new shingles or spare roof components to replace your existing well-loved Flow Gabled Roof? Please contact our team if you need individual roof components and we’ll do our best to source them for you.


What’s included:

  • Currently only Cedar Roof kits come with an inner cover - Araucaria inner covers can be bought separately here.
  • Shipped flat packed, and unsealed for easy assembly. 
  • Images shown are for illustrative purposes only.
  • All roofs require at least two coats of exterior-grade weatherproof sealant to ensure the hive is protected from the elements.
  • Please note, no hard-copy of assembly guide provided. These can be found online here:
  • Only compatible with Flow Hive/Super Classic and Flow Super Hybrids. Not compatible with Flow Hive 2.

    Need help?

    We know it can be confusing knowing which size to select, so please contact our team if you need any assistance in choosing the correct roof kit for your existing hive.


    Crafted from sustainably harvested Australian Araucaria (Hoop Pine), using precision laser manufacturing.

    Araucaria is a premium Australian native cabinet timber, highly regarded for its stability & durability. To ensure it lasts a long time outdoors, two good coats of quality weatherproof sealant such as exterior house paint is a must. You can be as creative with the paint job as you like!

    Read more about sealing your product here.

    Timber included in this product is made from naturally grown resources - each hive will be slightly different in character. Please see our FAQ for more information on our natural timber characteristics.



    Made in Australia from durable, highest quality food-grade, BPA and BPS-free plastic, Flow Frames have taken the beekeeping world by storm.

    We have worked hard to ensure that our Flow Frames are manufactured from the very best food grade materials.

    The clear viewing ends of the frames, as well as the honey tube and caps, are made from a virgin food grade copolyester. The manufacturers have assured us that it's not only BPA-free, but it is not manufactured with bisphenol-S or any other bisphenol compounds.

    The manufacturers also advise that third-party labs have tested this material and the results have demonstrated that it is free of estrogenic and androgenic activity. The centre frame parts are made from a virgin food grade polypropylene which is also free from any bisphenol compounds and is widely accepted as one of the safest plastics for food contact.

    Plastics have been used for many years in beehives for both brood and honey combs and have not been found to have a negative impact on bee colonies.

    Store Flow Frames in a dry, cool, dark location out of direct sunlight when not in use. You can find further information in our FAQs.

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