Why is the Flow ventilated beekeeper suit sooo cool?

No matter how friendly your bees, there are still times when wearing protective clothing is a pretty wise decision to minimise your chance of stings. (Yes, even when using Flow Hive technology).

Here in sub-tropical northern NSW (home of Flow HQ), one of the downsides to wearing a beekeeping suit is it gets so darn hot! So we knew we wanted to upgrade to something cooler in the warmer months.

We looked around at what was already on the market, and with typical Flow enthusiasm we thought “this is good, but how can we make it even better?”

All of us at Flow HQ are bee enthusiasts at one level or another - some of us are newbees and some like our co-founders, Stu and Cedar, were literally born with a smoker in their hand.

There were heaps of conversations about what we liked and didn’t about the suits we’d been using and what dream features we would want. The question was then extended to beekeepers in our network.

Beeks dreamt about:

  • being able to see better more clearly
  • a suit with deep, secure pockets so I don’t lose my keys in the grass
  • padding on the knees - I always seem to be kneeling
  • being able to get into my suit without taking my shoes off

And the two biggies:

  • being able to work for longer periods of time in the warm weather
  • having a way to protect the suit from all the sticky honey and propolis that covers the J-style hive tool

With all this great feedback and personal experience we went about designing our own bee-ut-suit.

Fast forward and with lots of too-ing and froo-ing with our manufacturer and we think we’ve developed a pretty sweet piece of kit - it’s practical, cool, protective, high quality and has some unique nifty features.

What makes it so great?

Flow Hive technology drastically reduces the chance of being stung during harvest, but there are times when working with bees does increase your chance of a sting or two. We definitely recommend you wear protective gear when carrying out inspections and catching a swarm.

Our unique Flow ventilated suits provide the best available protection wear and are purpose designed for functionality for times when even the friendliest hive get cranky.

Mesh fabric - three intersecting layers of mesh makes it difficult for a bee’s stinger to penetrate and ensures airflow to stay cool. The lightweight fabric makes it easy to wear for longer beekeeping sessions.
dual grade mesh veil Dual grade mesh veil - fully removable veil provides outstanding protection and practicality. Using high-gauge heavy fencing-quality mesh for solid protection on the flanks and a finer gauge mesh over the face for better visibility.
Removable J-tool pouch Removable J-tool pouch - another unique feature! Our J-Tool comes with a unique and special pouch designed to provide protection from sticky honey, messy propolis and the potential to damage your suit. A large velcro hook-and-loop fastening strip secures it securely in either hip pocket.
Generous sized chest and hip pockets - made from medium-weight cotton drill. The extra deep hip pockets also include inner pockets and hook-and-loop to hold the J-tool sleeve in place (ambidextrous design). The chest pockets include extra long hook-and-loop fastening top flaps to keep pocket contents safe.
Elasticated cuffs, waistband, ankle and thumb stirrups - provide comfortable and secure protection. Thumb stirrups at each wrist and over-boot stirrups prevent clothes riding-up during the most rigorous activity, ensuring no exposed skin for bees to find.
Leg zippers - ankle to knee zippers ensures your can easily put your suit on over your boots.
Quality zippers - high quality rugged, plastic YKK zippers have an oversized ring pull tab making them easy to use when wearing gloves.
Well-padded elbows and knees - reinforced cotton drill padding provide durability and plenty of comfort when working with your bees.
Sun protection - high cotton collar and wide band of cotton across top of mesh veil provide protection from Australia’s harsh sun.
Gauntlet gloves Gauntlet gloves - super-soft goatskin gloves are very practical and comfortable to wear. The pliable goatskin are very functional, making gripping objects much easier. Mesh around the wrist allows airflow, and the cotton gator is elasticised at the elbow to prevent unwelcome visitors to enter your suit.
GOTS Organic cotton - durable yet soft cotton ensures our suit is both comfortable and practical, while supporting the environment and the wellbeing of those who have contributed to it’s creation.


So if you’re looking to upgrade your suit or want to work in warm weather for longer, the Flow Ventilated Beekeeper Suit is the suit for you!


Features of the Flow ventilated beekeeper suit

Flow Team
Flow Team


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