Flow Hive harvested honey medal winners

We’re super excited and proud to acknowledge the winners of the inaugural ‘liquid honey produced in Flow Frames’ category at Australia's prestigious honey competition, the Sydney Royal National Honey Show.

Liquid honey is judged on elements including flavour, density, colour, aroma, clearness and brightness, and the judges tasted, peered and examined scores of glass jars of honey before declaring the winners.

Drum roll – congratulations to Flow beekeeper medalists:

Gold: Andrew Koopman from Cedar Brush Creek

Silver: Anna Grocholsky from Ingleburn

Bronze: Barbara Weber from Mullumbimby

We’re also thrilled to announce that boutique apiarists, Michael and Steffi Eppler, were awarded a Silver medal in the open category ‘liquid honey, produced from sources other than eucalypt, standard colour, medium’ for their honey harvested from their apiary of Flow Hives.

Michael and Steffi own Bien Apiary in Dorrigo NSW. Michael said “with the Flow Hive you can produce better quality, better tasting and clearer honey with minimal processing … the flavour is a lot finer and more delicate.”

Check out Michael’s story.

Find out more about Flow Hive Honey and the unique flavour in every frame here, You can also download our awesome free ‘Host Your own Honey Tasting’ resource that explains the honey colour grading system, and gives you an introduction to honey flavours. Enjoy!

The Sydney Royal National Honey Show is held against the vibrant backdrop of the Sydney Royal Easter Show. You can see the prize-winning honey and a Flow Hive on display in Honey Land for the duration of the show (12-23 April 2019).

The Royal Agricultural Society of NSW run agricultural competitions to encourage and reward excellence, and support a viable and prosperous future for our agricultural communities.

Congratulations again to the medalists.