June 02, 2016

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Flow™ Pre-Orders have been Fulfilled

We are happy to say we have now caught up with our back orders, and have Flow™ Frames, Hives and Supers available for immediate dispatch in many locations around the world.

A huge thank you, to all of you who supported us in our first year and made this possible. For a decade, we worked on Flow Technology, and in February last year when we launched on Indiegogo we were amazed by the response.

Thousands of you jumped in to support our vision, of a new way to harvest honey directly from the hive, a way that would be gentle for the bees and a lot easier for the beekeeper.

Over the last 12 months, our team has worked around the clock to manufacture and ship over 30,000 orders

It has been a huge effort, and we are so grateful for our amazing team who have worked tirelessly to help us grow from a crowdfunded idea to where we are today.

As a celebration of this milestone, we are offering a special discount of 15% on all products, including those already on sale.

Simply use the coupon code: FLOW15 at checkout to claim your discount.

As a special sweetener, every order during this period will go into the draw to win one of 4 Flow Hive Classics.

We will be picking 2 winners a week, so keep an eye on your inbox.

It's a dream come true for us to see our invention in all corners of the globe, and hear of beekeeping clubs expanding and watch people engaging, learning and having fun with their bees.

If we look after the bees they will look after us.  And the honey really is a Bonus.

Saadi Allan
Saadi Allan